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Hank Williams, Jr. said it perfectly in his hit, Old Habits Like You Are Hard to Break, If you want to hear Hank sing this great song, you can click on the video to the left.

I’m sorry Hank, but I’m trying to let people know that they have to break old habits if they want to lose weight. But maybe they won’t have to do this.

You have some old weight loss habits. If you have not been able to lose weight, then they don’t work. Now is the time to find some new weight loss habits.

Turn New Weight Loss Habits into Old Habits

Don’t break old habits. Just change them into new habits. My Three Step Weight Loss Plan That Works has everything to do with habits. It’s simply a list of three habits. This is the very best place to find the new weight loss habits that will replace your old habits.

Read my three step weight loss plan again. This is the backbone of my weight loss method. As you read it, think about how you can replace your old habits with these new habits. Then, your new habits will become old habits and:

Old Habits Will Be Hard To Break