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three-step-weight-loss-planI’m not playing around now. I am about to get very serious. What I am about to tell you is the BACKBONE of my weight loss method. Do exactly what I say here, and you will lose weight.

I like to refer to the three steps as my three rules for losing weight. You must follow them exactly if you want to lose weight. Here they are. Memorize them.


Do Not Eat Between Meals

Rule Number 1 – Only Eat at Mealtime

It is very important that you have your regular three meals a day – breakfast, lunch and supper. During these meals, you can eat what you want. You can even have seconds if you want.

BUT, when you leave the table from each of these meals, YOU ARE DONE EATING until the next meal. Do not eat in between. Whatever it takes, avoid this. This will seem strange at first, but you will get used to it in a hurry.

There is one exception to this rule. You can have a glass of water, a diet soda, a cup of black coffee or a glass of un-sweetened tea. As long as you have something that has no calories, you are not breaking the rules.


Do Not Eat At Night

Rule Number 2 – Stay Away From Late Night Snacks

We all love those late night snacks, but they will do you in. If you can’t stop snacking late at night, you are not going to lose weight. This, I can guarantee.

The same exception also applies here. If you have to have something in your stomach late at night, have a diet soda or a glass of water. Have two if you like. This will fill you up, and you will no longer be hungry. And again, they have no calories.

Pick the Time of Day When You Are Done Eating

Rule Number 3 – When You Leave the Supper Table, You Are Done Eating for the Day

When I lost 75 pounds in 4 months, I had supper at 6:30 PM every evening. It was like clockwork. By 7 PM, I left the table.

Pick a time. 7 PM is a good time. it worked for me. Once you pick a time, remember this – After that time, YOU ARE DONE EATING FOR THE DAY. There are no if’s, and’s or but’s about it. You are done eating.

You can eat what you want during supper. You can have a desert. You can even have a second desert if you like. But when you leave the table, My Friend, no food goes into your mouth until breakfast, the next morning.

These three steps will feel awkward at first, but you will get used to them in a hurry.

I told you that you absolutely must stick to these rules if you want to lose weight. NOW, let me put it another way that I believe you will find more pleasant.

Stick to this three step weight loss plan, and you will see results in a week. You will start noticing a change when you put on your clothes. All of a sudden, your clothes will not feel as tight on you as they once were.

This, My Friend is when the real excitement begins.